The Age of Psiber Knights is a mix of science-fiction, adventure, and historical romance. In this alternate future the English defeated the American colonist uprising in 1776. By the year 2276 the British Empire spans over half the planet. Their only opposition is the Chinese Communist Collective but for now there is a tentative peace. Sir Arthur Riddle, a distant relative to the queen, struggles against forces trying to bring his life, loved ones, and country to ruin.
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Here are some friend and family reviews from the Age of Psiber Knights Volume One:

"I liked the book very much. I'm not a huge fan of fantasy/science fiction, but the fact that the book was related to the Arthurian legends really helped. It was a pleasant surprise to enjoy it so much. The story did evoke a wide range of emotions at different points. At some points I wanted to laugh. Other points, I wanted to cry." - KG

"It was great. Although I normally would not want to read a story like this, you made it appeal to me by using all different story types. The dialogue scenes were my favorite part of the story. You also used great detailing throughout the entire story, including the fight scenes, which will highly impress action lovers." - TW

"It was phenomenal. I had the picture in my head the entire time." - DL

And a quick word about Psiber Knights Volume Two:

"A better universe than a lot of trilogies on bookshelves." - FC.

"The Age of Psiber Knights Volume Three: The Will of the People" is coming soon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book cover and release date!

I hired well-known Street Fighter II Turbo/Udon artist Chamba to do the cover for The Age of Psiber Knights Volume II. The result exceeded my lofty expectations.

From Book Cover Concepts

I am begging him to do the cover for Volume III.

Chamba's blog can be found here:

As for the release date, all signs are pointing to July 1, 2010. The book party has a tentative date of July 10, 2010.

My first book will also be available on Kindle very soon!

Page count on Volume IV: 7

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